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Who are we?

Mississippians Educating for Smart Justice (MESJ) is a non-partisan, non-sectarian organization. We include members from ALL major political parties and from many different professional and religious affiliations.


  • Roberta Avila, The Interfaith Alliance, Biloxi
  • Dr. James E. Bowley, Millsaps College, Jackson
  • Blythe Daigle, Catholic Charities, Jackson
  • Honorable Erik R. Fleming, Member, Mississippi House of Representatives, District 72, Jackson
  • Sister Donna Gunn, CSJ, Catholic Charities, Jackson
  • Jan Hillegas, Greens of Jackson, Jackson
  • Jamie Holcomb, Young Democrats, Millsaps student, Jackson
  • Landon W. Huey, Vice-Chair, Green Party of Mississippi, Jackson
  • David Ingebretsen, No Lost Causes, Jackson
  • Ken McGill, Mississippians Against the Death Penalty, Booneville
  • Dr. Darby Ray, Director, Faith and Work Initiative, Millsaps College, Jackson
  • John Sawyer, Amnesty International, Millsaps student, Jackson
  • Dr. Kristen Tegtmeier, Millsaps College
  • Rev. Stan Wilson, Pastor, Northside Baptist Church, Clinton
  • Warren Yoder, Public Policy Center of Mississippi, Jackson

*Affiliations are listed for identification purposes only and do not suggest institutional involvement of any kind.

We are currently raising money and taking donations to continue our educational efforts.

Please make checks payable to

P.O. Box 55649
Jackson, MS 39296-5649