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Mississippians Speak Out about the Death Penalty:

"Death Penalty: No Room for Mistakes," editorial in the Clarksdale Press Register and The Greenwood Commonwealth.  "If the system canít be perfectly certain that an innocent man wonít be executed, it has no business ever for taking an accused personís life." [read more]

"Death Penalty Unfairly Applied," by James E. Bowley.  Published in Planet Weekly, June 16, 2004.  There are currently 69 persons on death row in Mississippi. We, as citizens of this state, have decided to kill them all. We have decided to kill them despite the fact that the death penalty is not equitably administered. . . . [read more]

Internet Resources

American Civil Liberties Union Moratorium Campaign  Web-based campaign to build support for a national moratorium on executions and bring attention to death penalty issues.

Amnesty International: The Death Penalty  Includes reports, facts and statistics on capital punishment throughout the world.

Capital Defense Weekly  This site contains the current and archived issues of Capital Defense Weekly, a comprehensive round-up of the week's death penalty law developments and execution information, as well as other news about the death penalty.  The site also has several useful links and resources, and an option to subscribe for free to the weekly so that it is emailed to you each week.

Death Penalty Information Center  Probably the single most comprehensive and authoritative internet resource on the death penalty, including hundreds of anti-death penalty articles, essays, and quotes on issues of deterrence, cost, execution of the innocent, racism, public opinion, women, juveniles, mentally retarded, and more; Statistics on death rows and executions state-by-state, inmate-by-inmate; Up-to-date death penalty news from around the country. 

Death Penalty and Religion Links by The Theology Library  Thorough collection of 89 mainly religious death penalty links on the web, almost entirely anti-death penalty, put together by Gerald Darring, instructor at Spring Hill College in Mobile, Alabama.

Legal Information Institute: Law about the Death Penalty  Concise explanatory guide and internet resource listings.

Murder Victims Families for Reconcilition  A national organization of family members of both homicide and state killings who oppose the death penalty in all cases.

People of Faith Against the Death Penalty (PFADP), a special project of the NC Council of Churches.

Religious Organizing Against the Death Penalty  Organization of many faiths working to abolish the death penalty.

Southern Center for Human Rights - The Death Penalty  Death penalty news, articles and reports; good source for prison reform resources, and legal/advocacy resources.